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"After going through the heartbreak of losing our precious kitty, I began to see a ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ when I found Milla’s Kats website. Unlike other websites, they offer lots of helpful information on the breed, care & health, nutrition and, most of all, lots of real life photos & videos of their very own cats and baby kittens. Their website is updated regularly and so much fun to see and watch.After my initial phone call with David, any doubts I may have had disappeared and we decided to get our kitten from them without hesitation. David is so good at answering all our questions and concerns through every phase of the process – even after we brought our kitten home.Although David can deliver your kitten to you, we decided to visit Milla’s Kats and pick-up our ‘baby’ in person. It was a joy to see just how meticulously clean the cattery was and how beautiful and well-loved their cats are.We fell in love with our “Louie” at first sight. He has been a total joy since bringing him home – fully potty trained, great appetite, strong & healthy, full of playfulness and mischief. Boy do we enjoy his cuddles – especially in the evening when we are relaxing watching tv. He’ll climb up our chests and give kisses & rubs under our chins before he settles down on our chest or lap. Love him like crazy. Such a sweet baby boy.We are finally a complete ‘precious kitty’ family again – thanks to Milla’s Kats and David !"Anna & Louie - Dayton, Ohio
louie american shorthair silver tabby male kitten
Anna & Louie
"Our story is one of loving the American short hair breed. We have had two American short hair silver tabbies and we recently lost our last one at 17 years old. He was truly a part of our family and the most loving animal.We searched for another breeder that could help us heal our hearts. This breeder needed to be special as they needed to understand that our new kitten would come into a family with three kids, two boxers, a farm cat and a very busy household. We knew the first time that we visited Milla’s Kats that they were the breeder for us.They were warm and welcoming and provide such a loving and clean environment for all of their cats. Their love for not only the breed, but cats in general is proven by the strays that they have rescued.We were overwhelmed with excitement when we got the call that they had a male silver tabby for us. It felt like we were adopting another child into our family as we were nervous and excited! We adopted Romeo at 16 weeks old and he is such a love. He purrs at the sight of us and fits right in with the other animals. He and Milla’s Kats have exceeded our expectations. They continue contact with us to check in and help when we reach out with questions.Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for giving us Romeo! We believe there is no better breed!"The Ward family, Encinitas, CA
american shorthair romeo
Stephanie & Romeo
"From the first time we spoke to David, we knew Milla's Kats was the right fit for our family. The level of care, patience, knowledge and attentiveness David demonstrated and continues to have with our family is unprecedented. David took the time to understand our family to ensure he identified the right fit between our kitten and family. Alta could not be more perfect! She is the most affectionate, sweet and beautiful kitten than we could ever have imagined. From the moment we met her she was purring and nuzzling up with us. The boys absolutely adore her and enjoy snuggling and playing with her. We are so grateful to have found David and Milla and truly do feel we have become part of the Milla's Kats family!"Emily H., Ann Arbor, Michigan
american shorthair silver tabby
Alta & Boys
"Having already owned an American Shorthair and needing a companion for my dog, I borrowed my Granddaughter to help me check out " Millaskats." We found beautiful cats and kittens and one really took a liking to the dog in the crate we brought in with us.Since the kitten to be purchased was to be a companion to my dog, we kind of let the circumstances and the friendliest kitten be our choice. We have not been disappointed. David and Milla were very gracious and we picked a brown tabby American Shorthair with gold eyes!David has also photographed my Fur Family!"Judith B., Ping and Company. Newport, CA
American Shorthair with dogs
Judith & Ping
"Thank you Milla and David for our wonderful Mylo. He has been with us for 5 days and it already feels like forever! He is so affectionate and fun. He is gentle and playful with our grandchildren and already has the run of the house. His adjustment to his new home is a credit to the way you socialize and care for your kittens. Your devotion to your kittens was evident every step of the way. We are so happy to have him in our home!"Kim and Sterling F. Scottsdale, AZ
american shorthair male kitten
Kim & Mylo
“We just bought our second Silver Tabby from Milla's Kats. The first is now 1 year old. The new one is 4 months old. We adore them. They have two completely different personalities, but both are stunningly beautiful, vigorously healthy and extremely sweet. They each reflect the loving care with which they were raised. I grew up around animals. My parents had a kennel and bred dogs. I know how much work and care are involved in running an operation like that. When I first went to Milla's Cattery, what jumped out at me what how spotless it is. It's clear that Mila and David are meticulous in maintaining the quality and health of their cats, raising them with a raw meat diet, and taking care to socialize them to be playful and sweet. If you are looking for a Silver Tabby, I couldn't recommend their cattery more highly." Agnes P. Pacific Palisades, California
American Shorthair with owner
Agnes & Willis
“Joy entered our lives this spring. His name is Bacio Magnifico, Italian for magnificent kiss and indeed he is! Bacio’s amazing personality shows he was raised in a loving home. You couldn’t ask for better care than what Milla’s Kats provides. Just like kids, you can tell what kind of home environment kittens come from. Our little guy is purrfect...happy, playful, charming, intelligent, a true companion. Bacio is gorgeous. You will get the best kitten from this cattery. Thank you David and Milla for all you do! You’re the best.” Catherine A. Seattle, WA
american shorthair silver tabby
Catherine & Bacio
“After losing our two Silver Tabby cats last year, we began to look for two new kittens. Checking out various websites we came across ‘Milla’s Kats.’ We contacted David and told him that we wanted a boy and girl American Shorthair Tabby kitten. We visited David and Milla and were very impressed with their cats, their care and their approach to breeding superior cats. Fast forward, we acquired our two new adorable kittens – ‘Mojo’ and ‘Moxie,’ and we could not be more delighted! They are great cats and we love having them to share our home for years to come!”
american shorthair testimonial
Moxie & Mojo
"From a family of 4 with 2 younger children, a 7 and a 2 year old. We were worried about a new kitten fitting in and not having them run for the hills. Well, I can tell you that we are very happy with our new family member who has taken to the family like a pro. Our new kitten, Olive, came in and was affectionate from the get-go and has bonded with everyone. She is very friendly and wants to be involved with the family. She is even okay with have the 2 year old picking her up, even when it is an awkward handling at best. Olive just goes with the flow. The process of getting Olive was very easy. Not being familiar with the process of Milla's Cattery of picking the best cat for you and your family was foreign. But we could not be happier with Olive and how great she is with us. It is also reassuring to know that Milla's Cattery will be available with advice and answers to all of our questions."
american shorthair kitten and child
Todd and Olive
"The owners of Milla’s Kats truly love and care their cats. I visited their cattery before I decided to get a kitten from them. It was a great experience and I immediately fell in love with their American shorthair. I had to wait almost four months for my adorable fur baby , but he is well worth the waiting. He is very affectionate and also well behaved- a rare trait in kittens I suppose. He is everything I ever wanted from a kitten. I know David and Milla have spent a lot of time socializing the kittens for their new forever home. They really did an amazing job. I can’t thank them enough for making my dream come true!"
american shorthair kittesn for sale
Nan and Taozi
If, like us, you believe that the day God created the first cat was one of God’s best days . . . . you’ll agree too, upon meeting a kitten from Milla’s cattery, that these American Short Hair kittens were precisely what God had in mind when he created cats: confident, charming, playful, healthy, gorgeous, and robust. And loving.Add to the above qualities the fact that these kittens are living works of art (so beautiful that it takes one’s breath away) and you have glimpsed the magic (and reality) of a kitten from Milla’s cattery.I got my first kitten when I was six years old and, it was love at first sight. He endured being dressed in my doll’s clothes, paraded around in my doll’s carriage. And I’ve had cats ever since then: Percy, Chester, Papillon, Elliot, and Mrs. Roosevelt. And they were wonderful cats. But the fact is, I’ve never before seen a kitten like our Theo (from Milla’s). I’ve never observed a kitten of such great health and vitality, personality, intelligence, and companionability.I had difficulty imagining buying a cat from California—when we live in Santa Fe, New Mexico. But David made each step of the way not only manageable: but easy. He’s a great companion as you make this decision: guiding you, and directing you each step of the way. Including coaching you once the kitten is in your home and making the transition from cattery-life to home-life with you.We cannot recommend Milla’s cattery highly enough. I’d write more but Theo is rubbing my ankles asking for more fun, cuddles, and purring. So away I go . . . .Santa Fe, NM
american shorthair kitten for sale
Kay, Bill & Theo
"From the moment I was warmly welcomed into the spotlessly clean, organized, and cat-loving home of David and Milla Macias, I knew I had found the perfect couple who would help me make my long-time dream com true to have an American Shorthair silver tabby kitten of my own. After the initial interview and several months of waiting, I am now the proud owner of a beautiful, cuddly, smart, playful, healthy, forever friend.Ok, wait, who am I kidding: SHE owns ME, SHE tells ME when to play, when it's time to eat, when she wants cuddles, and, yes, when it's time for a massage. She is absolutely into everything that is none of her business, teases me like crazy, and I am absolutely ga-ga over her.I highly recommend David and Milla if you are considering an American Shorthair. I have witnessed on more than one occasion the love, unfailing devotion, training, and time dedicated to this breed, and they are always available to me if I should need them. I truly thank them for giving me my new bundle of joy.… about the cat's M-E-O-W!"Palm Springs, CA
Milla's Kats Ivy
Linda and Ivy
"We picked up our new kitty, Georgie, for Valentines Day 2019! Georgie took to our family right away and he gets along fabulously with our low energy Pekingese dog.Georgie is such an affectionate cat and warms up quickly to our friends and family.David and Mila did such an excellent job socializing Georgie and preparing him for his new home.You can see how David and Mila truly love and care for these cats!Thank you both so much." Newport Coast, CA
american shorthair breeder
Susan and Georgie
"I could not have asked for a more perfect cat. He is an absolute joy. You guys have done such an amazing job. He is the sweetest. We are all over the moon with him. His personality is identical to Willow’s. They play perfectly together. He has brought so much happiness to her and calms her. Which is a big deal due to her autism spectrum disorder. So thank you for bringing him into our life. He sleeps with Trey and I every night right now while the cats are separated and the girls are very jealous."San Francisco, CA
Amy, Family, and Loki
"We've had our kitten, Theo, with us for just over three weeks, but we already can't remember a time without him. We are absolutely in love. Thank you Milla and David for doing such a wonderful job caring for him. It shows in how comfortable he is with us and others, how friendly and playful he is (seriously, all the entertainment we need), and how sweet and affectionate and trusting. He always plays gently, even when he gets really wound up chasing a plush mouse, and he is obsessed with socks and anything paper—such a personality. He's a ball of energy but will gladly curl up against my side while I'm reading on the couch or taking a nap. He instantly became such an important member of our family--thank you David and Milla for raising such loving and happy kittens!"Los Angeles, CA
Alyssa, Jon and Heartbreaker
"Purchasing a kitten from Milla’s Kats was a great experience. David made it very easy for me. He was always available to answer my questions and he was very informative and helpful. I enjoyed the photos and videos that he would send me while we were waiting for the delivery day. He personally delivered my new kitten to me in San Antonio, TX. I would highly recommend Milla’s Kats to anyone interested in an American Shorthair and I would definitely get another kitten from this breeder first."San Antonio, TX
Ricardo and Maso
"David, Thank you for sending this little angel to me! She is the most lovely American Shorthair I’ve ever seen. She is so energy, but also super gentle to people. She is also very smart, she always keep quiet while I was sleeping. Me and my roommate love her so much! I will treat her like my own daughter, and take care of her forever."Jersey City, NJ
Iris and Meatball
"Thank you so much for our sweet Hemi kitty. She is purrfect!! She is full of energy and loves to be cuddled and held. She is strong and healthy and we are looking forward to many wonderful years together!! Thank you!! We couldn’t be more in love or happy!!"Delano, MN
Jean, Aaron and Hemi
"I came across Milla’s Kats when researching the American Shorthair breed. I was mourning the loss of our family cat and wanted to adopt a kitten of a breed that is perfect for a family like mine. I quickly learned there are not many American Shorthair breeders. When I called Milla’s Kats, Dave answered immediately. I was new to pedigree adoption and didn’t know where to start. I had a lot of questions and Dave was very informative, transparent and generous with his time. He also asked as many questions of me about my family and what we were looking for in our next kitten. Fast forward to now, two months post adoption. We have the most beautiful brown tabby kitten named Maggie. Her personality is the perfect match for our family and we love her to pieces. Dave continues to check in and give advice when needed, and Milla and I keep in touch on Instagram and Facebook with photos of our beloved cats. "San Jose, CA
Jill and Maggie