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Cattery Policies

Milla's Kats Cattery Policies

Cattery policies

To the best of our knowledge, our American Shorthair kittens are in good health. They are free from known congenital defects at the time of purchase. We immunize our kittens based on the recommendations from our vet and a vaccination record will be provided.

Our American Shorthair kittens are born and raised in our home and receive special attention. We take great care and effort to socialize our kittens daily with members of our family. We socialize them daily and begin this process from the day they are born.

We welcome future owners to visit our home and observe how they live and the conditions they are housed in. Because of the dangers associated with communicable diseases, kittens will not be available to be seen until they have had their second vaccination.

Covid-19 forced us to change the way we allow future owners to see their kittens. We now offer live viewing options through Facetime or Zoom. This service is only offered to families that have already placed a deposit and their kitten has been selected.

Formalities and conditions that all buyers must comply to before purchasing one of our kittens.

It is against CFA and TICA rules to declaw a cat, therefore, we follow these rules, and the buyer agrees never to declaw the cat.

Because these are house cats and not feral, all buyers must agree to keep the cat INDOOR unless it is on a leash or in a pet carrier.

All buyers must agree never to sell, lease or give the cat away to any pet shop, research laboratory or similar facility.

Our intent is to find our kittens forever homes. The buyer agrees in the event they can no longer keep the cat to notify us and be given first right of taking the cat back.

If for some reason, we choose not to reclaim the cat it is the responsibility of the buyer to place the cat in a loving pet home.

It is crucial that the buyer quarantines the new kitten/cat from other household pets until a veterinarian verifies the kitten/cat is in good health within 72 hours after arriving to their new homes. Failure to do so will void any health guarantees given.

Under special circumstances Milla’s Kats may offer a replacement kitten, this offer will remain valid for 7 days. If an agreement or decision is not reached within 7 days Milla’s Kats will consider the offer void.

Milla’s Kats is not responsible for any veterinary fees, or any other fees incurred by the new owner after taking possession of the cat.

Our American Shorthair kittens are registered with CFA or TICA.

By the time our American Shorthair kittens are ready to go to their forever home, they will have had their required vaccinations. A vaccination record will be provided.

To properly socialize and ensure optimum health, our kittens leave our cattery at 16 weeks of age or older. They are altered, micro-chipped and will have a very comprehensive veterinary examination by our vet and a report will be provided.

Prices are the same regardless of color or gender. Please contact us for more details.

Our American Shorthair kittens can be reserved for $200. There is no guarantee of receiving a kitten until a reservation is made. A reservation can be made with a number of payment methods; please contact us for details. Reservations are NON-REFUNDABLE after notice has been given that a kitten has been selected.

Kittens can be picked up in person at our cattery. We also offer courier delivery to all Southern California locations for a fee. National and International courier delivery is also available.

If the kitten requires transportation, the buyer agrees to pay all transportation costs including pet carrier, health certificate, rabies vaccine, airfare, airline cabin fee, courier fee, and any other fees related to the transportation of the kitten/cat; this includes domestic and international. These fees are non-refundable.

Any additional veterinary services required, i.e., rabies, rabies titter test, health certificates, USDA accreditation, is the responsibility of the new owner. We can take care of these services and there will be a fee assessed based on what veterinary services are rendered. All these fees must be paid in advanced and are not refundable. International shipments have additional requirements set forth by the country being shipped to and an estimate of these fees will be provided.

For more information on our cattery policies please contact us.

American shorthair cattery policies

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