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About Us

About Us And How It All Began!

My name is Milla, welcome to my site where you can learn a little about us and how it all began. I grew up in a small town in Ukraine. As with many poor countries, dogs and cats get very little care. There are thousands of homeless cats and dogs. I’ve always loved animals and over the years I would find stray dogs and would bring them home.

It wasn’t until one day that a kitten came looking for food that I began my love for cats. She was a feral cat and though a kitten was very wild, so my husband and I decided to rescue her, we named her Murzilska. She grew up to be a very healthy cat, but she always maintained her distance and was often feisty, swatting at us while we walked past her. Nevertheless, she became my father’s shadow and followed him all waking hours of the day, always keeping her distance.

About us
Cat rescue mirra

A couple of years later, during a very cold winter night, we found a tiny feral kitten. This kitten was incredibly hungry and looking for food. She was weak, very sick and probably wouldn’t have survived the night. The next day we rushed her to the vet. She was blind on one eye and was severely malnourished, full of parasites and fleas. We didn’t have much hope for her but nevertheless we began the long process of nursing her back to health. She began recovering and soon we had a very active, energetic healthy girl. Because of her blind eye, we named her Mira (Spanish name for looking). She became an incredible hunter even with her handicap. Today she is Murzilka’s best friend, they spend the days hunting mice and bringing them to my father.

Soon after arriving to the US, I fell in love with American Shorthair Cats. I decided that these were the cats I would call my own. On a usual day you will find us playing with our cats. We attend local cat shows whenever possible. We are in Southern California and are a small hobby breeder. We welcome you to visit our pages and learn about the wonderful world of the American Shorthair Cat.

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Spots day we found her

Fast forward a few years and one day we found a tiny little baby girl. She was about six or seven weeks old and was malnourished and very scared. We began feeding and caring for her. After a couple of weeks, she began to allow us to get close to her. As soon as we were able to hold her, we took her to the vet for a full exam. She was vaccinated and spayed when she was old enough. This gorgeous girl became our mascot. We named her Spots, hence her markings. She loves to be held and loves the outdoors.

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Spots the Master Tree Climber
Milla's kats american shorthair kittens
Milla's kats cattery

A year after rescuing Spots, a young very shy gray boy began visiting our property. It took many months for him to get close to us.  We were able to catch him so we could take him to the vet for an exam and micro-chipped. Being feral he was very aggressive, but we managed to get him to the vet. He was vaccinated, tested for FLV/FIV and neutered. We named him Ash, hence his gray color, and he soon began to trust us. He grew to be a very large cat and has become very affectionate. He is still very shy and when we have visitors, he runs and hides inside his litter box. We call him a "gentle giant" because of his disposition towards us. Check back for an updated photo of him.

Spots and ash
Spots and Ash hanging out. They are the best of friends and Spots loves to lay on top of ASH as seen on this photo.
Fine art cat art by milla macias
Moon Cats

The "Moon Cats" was created and handmade by me. This is an artistic expression of my beloved cats. These fine art pieces are available for purchase in a number of sizes, no two are the same. Please visit my "ART" section to see more.

The american shorthair Cat

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Virginia B., M.D. with Carlo & Edoardo

To David and Milla – Thank you. You sent me two brothers from your cattery in California, and they have made my life complete. Carlo and Edoardo (sons of Sophia Loren) are the most affectionate, playful, and beautiful kittens. The experience of adopting from Milla’s Kats has been exceptional,...
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I acquired my American Short Hair kitten through Milla’s Kats. I knew I wanted an American Short Hair because I had one before and I fell in love with the breed. I strapped my little kitten in the car for our ride home. I could see her in my rear-view mirror. I prepared myself for the...
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While in pursuit for an American Shorthair Silver Tabby kitten, I had the good fortune of coming across Mila’s Kats cattery. I live 500 miles away, so I did not have the opportunity to meet or David and Mila or the kittens. After my first (of many) phone calls with David, and going through their...
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When it comes to writing reviews, we’ve all heard the standard “it was great, couldn’t be happier blah blah”, routine but with my experience with David and Milla that just doesn’t do it justice. From the moment I spoke with David in my initial inquiry on how to replace my beloved silver...
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Chris, Roger and Prince

We adopted Prince Bobby about 1 year ago. Bobby is the joy of our lives having a personality that is perfectly matched to our family. He is so loving and playful. His name really describes his personality. He seems to think he is royalty. We can’t thank Milla and David enough for choosing us to...
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