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Posted on November 19, 2022
by admin
American shorthair kittens with mama

How to Find a Reputable Cat Breeder

Fluffy, independent, incessantly cuddly but also standoffish and unpredictable—cats are companions that bring you as much comfort as some of the best humans you are likely to meet. Whether you live with a warm and loving lap cat, or are lucky enough to share your home with a sassy couch-potato typeAmerican shorthair cat laying on couch,

choosing your first cat can be a confusing, stressful, and delicate process. Nevertheless, if you’re set on finding the purr-fect feline for you, consider pedigree cats or kittens.

We will go over how to find a reputable cat breeder. Pedigree cats come in a wide variety of breeds. If getting a pedigree cat like an American Shorthair is something you want to do, you can learn a lot from online resources, such as this website, which provides knowledge and tips on a wide range of fashionable cousins of the cute British Shorthair. Whichever pedigree breed strikes your fancy, there is a cat out there that’s just purr-fect for you. Any kind of cat can make an outstanding pet, but pedigree cats are the most socially desirable and the most genetically desirable.

Once you have chosen a breed that you feel the most suited to, you can start the search for a reputable and professional cat breeder.

How to find a Reputable Cat Breeder

Visit a local cat show, and pet expos. These are usually the best places to find a reputable cat breeder. You will see that the cats are very well maintained and are very well socialized. Quality certified cat breeders will know their business and enjoy sharing a wealth of experience with a prospective customer; questions and curiosity are a positive feature, not a hindrance.

Other ways to check on how to find a reputable cat breeder and how responsible and ethical they are, is to find a cat breeder will go above and beyond the call of duty in order to make sure their cats are healthy, happy, and cared for. They put a lot of loving work into every individual they breed. To further your chances of finding registered cat breeders near me, you should ask the registering associations such as The Cat Fanciers Association (CFA) and The International Cat Association (TICA) for cat breeder list and if they have a cattery license or accreditation program in place. Because these things are extra hoops and filters that adoptable catteries have to jump through, they are designed to ensure that the people who breed, sell, and care for pedigree cats comply with a high standard of animal care and breeding practices. If a potential cat breeder you are speaking to has their accreditation through one of these associations, you probably already have a good idea that they are reputable and legit, saving you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Showing Cats Symbolizes a Reputable Breeder

To check that a breeder is genuine and dedicated to ensuring the breed remains healthy as well as good looking, ask to see his cats at a cat show. This way, you’ll be able to have a discussion with him openly in a public arena without having to commit to purchasing your cat from him. Note that a good breeder will talk about techniques that he uses to improve upon the breed rather than gloat about his wins.

How to find a reputable cat breeder

Red Flags to Watch Out for When Selecting a Breeder

  1. Sells distinct cat breeds.
  2. Sells kittens that are not desexed.
  3. Offers low prices for precious pedigree kittens.
  4. Usually sells without signing any contract.
  5. Is hesitant or refuses to disclose where the kittens/cats were born.
  6. Doesn’t provide a guarantee to show that the parents were healthy, etc.

As craftsmanship and dedication are key aspects to breeding cats, not all breeders will allow you to pay visits to their cattery. However, most of them will be pleased to take you on a tour of their facilities. They should have a professional-looking website full of images of their cattery and the places where they keep their stud cats. They may give you an insight into why they breed their cats and what they do with their kittens. The breeder should provide you with information on their registering association standards and all the relevant information about the breed you are looking into.

A good breeder will always prioritize quality over quantity whenever possible and will want to share their pride and appreciation for the breed they’re interested in with you. The very best way to find a reputable pedigree cat for sale in your area is to find a breeder who truly appreciates the feeling of pride they get from caring for pedigree cats and is always respectful and polite in providing information about them.

Finally, reputable cat breeders near me will want to interview you so that they can gain insight into your lifestyle, personality, and expectations so they can get an idea of what you’re looking for. They want to know how determined you are and how committed you will be with your new kitten, and so on.American shorthair cat laying on lap of owner

A respectable and reputable breeder these days will always have a waiting list of potential adopters for their kittens. They will go above and beyond to ensure the experience for a new family is as smooth as possible.

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